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Igtropin is a modified insulin-like factor, which is also referred to as Long R3 IGF-1. This tool is very popular among athletes of heavy sports, because it has a high fat-combustion effect and helps to increase quality muscle mass.
Igtropin significantly improves power performance has been confirmed in clinical trials. Upon receiving this drug significantly increases physical performance, so it is necessary to draw up a training regimen, not to injure your muscles too much load and avoid sprains. Efficiency of Igtropin can be compared with the efficiency of natural growth hormone. Also an advantage is that the drug has beneficial effects on the immune system, helps to strengthen the body during exercise, and speeds up the recovery process after heavy loads.



Igtropin and its interaction with Growth Hormone (GH)
Natural growth hormone has a short period of activity, and the activity of Igtropin greatly exceeds this figure. But as he still is not great, many recommend to carry out its welcome in combination with insulin. However, this may not be the best solution, as the duration of exposure at such a reception is less than when using with steroidal agents. Frequent injections will not increase the duration of activity of the drug, since it was found that 4 doses of 25 mg did not enhance the desired result, but rather reduce the activity of Igtropin.
However, this problem has been solved by growth hormone. With a combined use of GR and Igtropin can increase the activity of the drug, making it more efficient. But the dosage of these two funds should be strictly defined. The optimal dose is a combination 50mkg of Igtropin and 5 ME of Growth Hormone. When data exceeding the dosage means may have adverse side effects. Those who want to increase the impact of the combination of these hormones can be recommended to take Igtropin 4 times a day, and the last injection has to be combined with growth hormone.
There are those who are skeptical and believe that the use of Igtropin in combination with Growth Hormone meaningless. Growth hormone when independent use in small doses will not help increase the muscles, and it works quite slowly, so the effect is visible, you can see only in 2-3 months. And when combined hormone effect is obvious after a few weeks. Igtropin For Sale at!

How to take Igtropin
In many publications on medicine, wrote that growth hormone dosage of 17 to 25 ME of performance is 100 micrograms of Igtropin. Given this information, you can try yourself to calculate the daily dosage of the individual, but in reality the use of Igtropin more complicated process.
Igtropin minimum dosage that can positively impact on the body, is equal to 20 micrograms per day. The indicated dosage is unlikely to cause significant set of muscles, but other properties of the drug will be shown in full. The average dosage varies from 40 to 60 micrograms per day Igtropin. With this amount of dosage of its effectiveness and impact on the muscle mass will be more tangible. The use of such dose will help increase muscle mass, strength and performance will not lead to the emergence of negative manifestations. Just show itself and the drug as an effective fat burner. The maximum dosage should not exceed 120 micrograms per day.
The duration of Igtropin averages from 30 to 40 days, after which a pause is required, the duration of a month. A more long-term use and excess of allowable dosages side effects may occur that adversely affect health.
Another important issue is application Igtropin method of breeding. For the solution can be used germicidal water, since it is the most profitable option. You can use the water for injections and physical. solution. All of this can be found at your local pharmacy.

Igtropin Side Effects
The main problem when using Igtropin phenomenon is that increases the speed of the body’s cells, including cancer. That is, if we use this tool for a very long time, it will increase not only muscle mass, but any tumor. Therefore, the use of this drug is not recommended to persons with oncological nature of the problem. Igtropin may contribute to the progression of diabetes, but only among those who are predisposed to it at the genetic level.
Minor side effects of the drug are not a big problem. Igtropin can cause nausea, fatigue and weakness.

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