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Anabolic steroids are common supplements to increase the growth of body mass, but you can still get a toned, real muscle gain naturally with Human Growth Hocmone (HGH). This product is widely used by Hygene China manufacturer with a trade name commonly known as HYGETROPIN 100 I.U.
HYGETROPIN 100 I.U from Hygene China has received a highly satisfactory response from many bodybuilding users to its true and reliable quality. HGH carries many valuable benefits such as the promotion of fat loss, the growth of muscle tissue and healing healing, which are a real bonus for those who hunt for a beautiful muscle-shaped body. Many users have witnessed the wonderful mass result by integrating HYGETROPIN 100 I.U in their bodybuilding progress.



How to use Hygetropin?
You can easily find informative and useful articles about HGH on our website.
If you aim to significantly develop your muscle structure and better your body, you should take HGH for 2-3 months to get visible results. You can recognize the first changes in 2 weeks of everyday usage.
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Hygetropin Dosage depends on your goal.
In order to heal your joints and refine your skin, 1-2 IUs per day would be enough.
If your aim is to burn fat, your daily dose should be 4 IUs.
If you want to grow the muscles, you should take 5-20 IUs per day. The average amount is 8-12 IUs.

Each vial contains 10 IU HGH Human Growth Hormone.

HGH-Human Growth Hormone is a proteinaceous hormone produced in the pituitary gland, formed by a chain of 191 amino acids. HGH is widely known to be a crucial factor in determining the height of an individual and to be produced massively in adolescence. In addition, HGH essentially reverses the muscle breakdown condition in AIDS patients and slows down the aging process, thus increasing the lifespan. HGH helps to provoke the amino acid movement through cell membranes. Therefore, the hocmon promotes the growth of body cells and thus increases the rate at which these cells divide and multiply. This promotes the ability of HGH to increase anabolism at a reasonable dosage. Remarkably, HGH contributes significantly to the progress of fat burning. This is based on its ability to make cells in the body to increase the rate at which they use fats, while also reducing the rate at which carbohydrates are used. This loss of fat is achieved because of the ability of the growth hormone to stimulate triglyceride hydrolysis in adipose tissue. Although anabolism still argues about the real effectiveness, taking HGH will greatly help you to possess the body beauty without fat running, only big, hard and toned muscle blocks.

HGH also heals amazingly existing injuries and staff the new ones. It has been proven that HGH can promote the production of new and damaged cartilage regeneration when used in conjunction with insulin-like growth factor IGF, which significantly promotes cartilage production.

In addition, HGH is noted for the positive effect on the production of blood cells. The hocmon increases the number of blood cells, which improves the oxygenation of the body. This is an important part to increase the endurance of the muscles, and thus to extend the training or competition time, especially with the athletes. It can also help anabolism. The extent to which this effect will occur to users varies quite widely, but all users should show some improvement.

Hygetropin Side Effect
Although anabolism is increased, the side effects of HGH are not associated with those of anabolic or androgenic steroids such as gynaecomastia, acne and hair loss, water retention, hypertension and suppressed natural testosterone production. Its unfavorable body reactions focus mainly on an abnormally low concentration of glucose in the blood (hypoglycemia) and inadequate thyroid function. High doses may possibly lead to a variety without strict medical supervision.
The most common symptom is the overgrowth of the facial bones and connective tissue, known as acromegaly, which acts as a robre-awakening law and protruding eyebrow bones. These conditions lead to abnormal limb development and excessive body hair growth. Acromegaly significantly shortens your longevity, which strongly opposes the anti-aging property of your own Hocmone.
The second listed side effect is the negative effect of HGH on the pituitary gland which makes it less active and stops functioning on its own. This somehow resembles the suppression of natural testosterone production in anabolic steroids. Once the body completely replenishes the required amount of hocmon, the pituitary gland becomes dependent on the external source and does not release its own natural HGH. In addition, if suddenly stopped, HGH may have the reverse effect of allowing users to lose the benefits gained from their injections. This is also attributed to the “Lazier” pituitary if enough HGH is filled in the body.

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