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Ansomone – a popular high-quality drug, which main active substance is recombinant growth hormone (rHGH), the structure of which is fully consistent with that of the human. The amino acid sequence of the hormone (191 amino acids) is identical to human growth hormone. Ansomone production is localized in China. This drug is produced by one of the leading companies specializing in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and healthcare products – AnkeBio (Anhui Anke Biotechology (Group) Co., Ltd.).
This drug has a very high prevalence, making it popular not only in China but throughout the world.



Ansomone – pharma grade HGH. This particular HGH is produced on one of China’s largest factories, Anhui Anke Bio, which is monitored by the Chinese government. It allows the manufacturer to make qualitative HGH since 1993. Mostly, Ansomone is used for healing huge burns. It’s also very popular in treating patients with lack of growth hormone. This makes Ansomone a good choice. GMP quality. Ansomone owns a GMP FDA certificate, which is a proof of the good quality. This certificate is also given to SEIZEN, NORDITROPIN, HUMATROPE, and some different world-known products.
Good reputation. You can be sure that buying Ansomone you’ll get a qualitative product, which has been in the market since 2005, and keeps its popularity till today.
Ansomone has been issued in the form of freeze-dried product, intended for further dilution in a special solution for injection. Release forms of the drug: 2 IU – vial, 4 IU – vial, 4.5 IU – vial, 6 IU – vial, 10 IU – vial, 16 IU – vial.
An interesting fact is that in the synthesis of growth hormone for Ansomone, it is used bioengineering techniques: growth hormone is produced by Escherichia coli with modified genotype. Although it sounds quite threatening – this mode of production is the most secure of all that ever existed.

Effects of Ansomone HGH
▲ Creates a good body shape and helps you to bigger your muscles.
▲ Makes the belly fat disappear, which lets your 6 packs become visible.
▲ Grows the muscle mass.
▲ Strengthens your muscles.
▲ Lessens the ache in your joints, helping them to adjust.
▲ Betters general well-being.
▲ Helps your skin and hair.

Ansomone Side Effects
Despite the fact that Ansomone is promoted as the only safe and effective, perfect all – in practice this is not quite true. Growth hormone can cause disturbances in thyroid function, as well as contribute to the development of diabetes. Moreover – sometimes there are phenomena of acromegaly (abnormal increase in and expansion of the bones), and in people with a fully formed organism. By using growth hormone for too long, they begin to deal with the growth of bone tissue, coarsening of facial features, and an increase in the internal organs, including the heart. Unfortunately, these side effects are irreversible and entail serious consequences. The only encouraging fact is that they can be avoided if properly approached to compile Ansomone cycle.
Also Ansomone is absolutely contraindicated for people suffering from myopia. This is due to the fact that most people with impaired vision, which get it in adolescence, due to the increased growth of the eye under the influence of growth hormone. As you know, to eighteen years growth hormone secretion is reduced, hence – the development of myopia is suspended.
As a result, short-sighted people applying Ansomone, are faced with the further development of the disease, fraught with, for example, retinal detachment and blindness.
Based on a considerable number of side effects, an athlete should think very carefully before he starts taking it. Requires proper medical supervision and appropriate financial support, as not only Ansomon is high priced, but also the support of the body during its cycle. At a minimum, it may be required weekly tests on insulin, testosterone, estradiol, and thyroid hormones.

Quality of Ansomone
▲ 191 amino acids. This structure is very similar to the natural HGH in the human body, which leads to a small number of side effects Ansomone can cause. Before 2006 it used to have 192 amino acids and was somatrem. Today it’s somatropin.
▲ Purity 98%. Ansomone has a great cleanliness, which is close to Jintropin.
▲ Freeze dried technology. The technology keeps HGH in a perfect condition and prolongs the storage time. It assures you that you will receive an HGH you were hoping to get.

Ansomone Reviews
Due to AnkeBio’s new policy, it became hard to counterfeit their products, so during the past time the ratings of Ansomone started to increase. Today each kit has 2 holograms, a sticker and 3 unique codes, which you can verify on the official web page. All these measures attracted new customers, who can now be sure that they are buying an original product.

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