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The Prestige


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Pearl earrings

Elegant look
for every occasion


The Swarowski Range

Makes a beautiful gift for a loved one

Sterling silver, 14k gold, two-tone and an abundance of beautiful gemstones make up the Swarowski range of earrings. Mix hoops and pendants to create looks for every occasion.

Jewelry worn by superstars

Unique & Beautiful

You'll love the new collection

Combine your personal choice of Swarowski charms and wear them on a Swarowski bracelet in sterling silver, 14k solid gold, leather or textile to create an expression that is uniquely you.

The Prestige Range

With more than 600 pieces in sterling silver, 14k gold and two-tone to choose from, you’re certain to find one for each of your special moments in the Prestige range of charms.

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